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Acoustic Survey Loch Roag April 2023 to March 2024

The Atlantic Salmon Trust/Zoological Society London have installed many moorings in the locations listed below. The moorings hold research equipment that support hydrophone receivers that log acoustic ID tag transmitters. Detailed locations are listed in the Notices to Mariners below.

Moorings that were located in Loch Laxford and Loch Snizort have now been removed.

The hydrophones are located on the seabed and have no surface markers, and have riser lines with scientific instruments that extend vertically no more than 2m (LAT). These moorings will be recovered in their entirety. As laid positions will be issued on deployment. If you trawl or dredge up a receiver (see photo below), please do not throw it back into the water. Please retain it and contact to arrange collection. 

Locations                                             Scheduled Removal date

  • Loch Roag                                                  31/3/2024
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