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Portree harbour visitor moorings

Portree Moorings Association (PMA) carried out comprehensive replacement and realignment works on their 13 visitor moorings in 2016, and have been well satisfied with the effectiveness of these improvements over the past two seasons.

The inner visitors’ trot now provides 5 moorings (7.5 tonne max.), at 25 metre centres, all now utilising chain risers. These moorings were realigned at wider centres to reduce the potential for boats to clash at low tides. There are 7 yellow buoys in total on this trot, but note that the 2 innermost moorings are private and in shallow water. They will be clearly marked as Private before the start of the season. Only the outermost 5 are checked and maintained by PMA, and are available to visitors.

The 8 moorings off the north shore of Portree Bay, also with yellow buoys, have all been replaced, are generously spaced at 35 to 40 metres (10 tonne max.), and are suitable for mooring lengthier craft.

All the above information is available on the PMA website.

Previously there was a heavy duty mooring suitable for large motor cruisers, fishing vessels etc. but, as a result of a storm in early 2017, this is no longer available.

The moorings have not yet been inspected in advance of the 2018 season.

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