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Oban Bay proposed Harbour Authority - Public Meeting 28/3/2019

The Oban Bay Management Group (OBMG) and Oban Bay Stakeholder Group (OBSG) will host a joint public meeting to update the community on plans to amend the statutory harbour authority arrangements at Oban Bay to improve navigational safety.

Thursday 28th March 2019, 7.00pm
The Argyllshire Gathering Halls, Breadalbane St, Oban PA34 5NZ

The OBMG and OBSG are exploring the opportunity for a trust port to be established as the single harbour authority to manage the Oban Bay area. The OBMG proposal that CMAL extends its harbour area is on hold while this evaluation is conducted.
The public meeting will report on the ļ¬ndings of a legal review on the jurisdictions and statutory status of Oban Bay, the next steps for forming a new statutory harbour to manage the navigational safety of the bay, and initiatives to improve current navigational safety in the interirn period.

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